1. What are ‘Reoccurring Events’

Reoccurring Events can be simply understood as boating events intended to operate for more than one day i.e. it can be an event for a week or an entire month etc.

You can plan ahead and create Reoccurring events in one go. Let us assume that Boat 1 departs every alternate day at 7 am and returns at 6 pm. Similarly, let us assume that Boat 2 and Boat 3 runs on only Friday’s and Saturday’s.

By creating Reoccurring Events from the Reservation system Admin, you can create all such bulk bookings in a single go.

2. Create Reoccurring Open Party Events?

Step 1 – Click on Reoccurring Events under Open Party Trips.

You’re required to fill in the necessary details –

Step 2 – Add Reoccurring Open Party Event

  • Select Boat – Select your boat
  • Trip Type – ½ day, Overnight Trip, Full Day, etc.
  • Event Scheduled From – Select start date
  • Event Scheduled To – Select end date
  • Trip Start Time – Scheduled start time of the trip.
    Scheduled Event Days – Since the trip is of reoccurring in nature; you’re required to select days on which the trips will go. (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
  • Trip Duration (Days, Hours and Minutes)
  • Initial Online Status – Offline trips are not available for public users to book directly. Only the admin can make a booking on offline events through the back end.
  • Online cutoff time – This feature allows you to make your event go offline for more bookings ahead of your departure. If you don’t want to take bookings 2 hours before the departure; you can fill two hour here.

Step 3 – Add Tickets

The next step is to fill in the ticket details. Fill in the following details.

  • Total number of tickets
  • Default Deposit Percentage
  • Select Ticket Type – You can categorize your ticket types such as for Adults, Minor, Veterans, etc.

Step 4 – Event Information

Here you’re required to fill in the Title and description of your Reoccurring Open-Party Events.

Enter an event name and description.

You can also add an image. It will be shown on the public site. If no image is selected; default image will be shown.