What are Single/Open Events

Single/Open Events are one-time events and are not intended to be continued for more than 1 day. In simple words; let us assume that boat name ‘DemoJason’ will conduct an Overnight trip on 31st March and will return the next day. The next trip event is not yet planned anytime soon. Such events are known as Single/Open Events.

How to create a Single/Open Event

Step 1 - Add Events

Login to your Reservation system and click on ‘Add Events’, then click on ‘ Single/Open Event’

Step 2 - Fill in all the details

Add Open-Party Event

To create a new Single/Open event; you are required to fill in the following details

  • Select Boat – Select your boat
  • Trip Type – Select your trip type


Example: ½ day, Overnight Trip, Full Day, etc.

  • Event start date – Select start date
  • Event end date – Select end date
  • Event start time – Select trip departure time
  • Event end time – Select trip end time
  • Initial Online Status – Offline trips are not available for public users to book directly. Only the admin can make a booking on offline events through the back end.
  • Online cutoff time – This feature allows you to make your event go offline for more bookings right before your departure/ event start time.



  • Total number of tickets – Enter total number of tickets to book.
  • Default Deposit Percentage – Keep it as it is at 100%.
  • Select Ticket Type – You can categorize your ticket types such as for Adults, Minor, Veterans, etc. It will help you in being more organized with your ticket types.


Event Information

  • Event Title (Title and Description)

You can also add an image. It will be shown on the public site. If no image is selected; default image will be shown.