Open Party Trips

Open Party Events These are ‘open to all’ types of events; anyone can make a booking and reserve a seat on the boat. Let’s start with understanding to create Open-Party Events.

Create Open Party Trips

Click on ‘Open Party Trips’ under ‘Add Events’

Click on ‘Open Party Trips’ under ‘Add Events’

Open Party Trip can be a:
– Recurring Event
– Single Events.

Reoccurring Events

ReoccurringEvents can be simply understood as boating events intended to operate for more than one day i.e. it can be an event for a week or an entire month etc.

You can plan ahead and create Reoccurring events in one go. Let us assume that Boat 1 departs every alternate day at 7 am and returns at 6 pm.

Similarly, let us assume that Boat 2 and Boat 3 runs on only Friday’s and Saturday’s.

By creating Reoccurring Events from the Reservation system Admin, you can create all such bulk bookings in a single go.